Monday, June 15, 2009

Sharpton on Hannity talking about Letterman's Palin Joke

Before I begin I want to say that I think that Letterman is a disgusting pervert for the joke he made about a innocent fourteen year old. Letterman's defense is he was talking about the eighteen year old. That is still perverted and offensive.

Al Sharpton was on Hannity tonight. He was pretty much defending Letterman, but he had Don Imus fired. He said that letterman's joke didn't offend a race of people, but he did offend woman. Also it should offend everyone. His joke was disgusting. I don't even want to call it a joke. I'll call it a dumb statement by an old pervert.

Don Imus's statement was wrong, but he didn't plan what he said. His statement was at the heat of the moment. He at least had the morals to meet with the team he made the comment about and apologized face to face. All that Letterman did was make a joke apology.

Letterman should be fired! He is disgusting! He is supposed to make another apology tonight. I think that this apology is long over due.

Sarah Palin handled the situation with grace and dignity!


Anonymous said...

Good God, where do you get off making a comment like that under the guise of representing right wing ideals. Anyone who knows Letterman's character knows he would never mean to joke about harm done to a minor. The apology he has made BOTH TIMES, but especially last night, clearly shows that. The right wing is supposed to be the "right" side, representing, holding on to, and promoting Biblical morals. We are commanded to forgive. We are commanded to not judge. But alas, I have the same problem as you since clearly you're an idiot for calling him a pervert.

RightKlik said...

Letterman's a loser.

Right Side Review said...

Dear Anonymous,

To begin with I am a Christian. I am a person who lives my life by the bible, but calling Mr. Letterman a pervert wasn't judging him. He is a pervert for making that comment. I am so glad that you are attacking the Right and not the Left. (sarcasm)

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