Sunday, June 7, 2009

Killing and Murder are Two Different Things

I've noticed when I'm watching the news, the anchor usually will use killing and murder like there the same thing. They are completely different.

Murder is when you plan to take away a life. Killing is usually in self defense.

For instance abortion is murder, but try getting the Liberal media to call it that. The media can turn a story around by using a few words that make it sound less violent or harmful.

We have all heard about the death of Dr. George Tiller. I agree that he shouldn't have been murdered, because the Liberal government allowed him to practice abortion. I've noticed that the Liberal news stations haven't reported on the number of babies he murdered. I guess it's OK to kill an innocent baby.

The Oklahoma Pharmacist that shot the two armed robbers isn't a murder. He was defending his life and many others.

I hope you now see the difference between murder and killing.


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