Thursday, June 18, 2009

Richard Simmons Thinks He Can Get Our Kids Fit

Today Richard Simmons was on Neil Cavuto. He wanted to reach out to the president with his new bill called The Fit Kids Act. This act would keep PE in our schools. I agree with him on that. There's just one thing I don't agree on, and that is the dancing part. He honestly thinks that kids are going to dance to old music. I don't think the boys would participate in this.

I think we need PE in schools. I also think that we need longer recess time for our schools. Fifteen minutes is not enough time to work any muscles. Another thing we need to do is bring healthier food into our schools.

I'm not saying the government needs to go crazy with this, but when the children our at school they are their responsibility. That's all we need to do is exercise and eat healthy. We don't need to tax junk food or any junk food businesses.


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