Friday, June 19, 2009

Obama Has a Grudge Against Fox News

I think that it's pretty obvious that Obama can't stand it when someone disagrees with him. I mean I would be pretty mad if people called me out on ever stupid thing I did (sarcasm). Politicians, especially the president; need thick skin. When Obama calls out Fox News it makes him look like he's worried more about his image than his policies.

I guess he'll pass the fairness doctrine when he realizes fox is going to keep reporting the truth.
If you want to talk about fairness I got the perfect subject. Is it fair that ABC (All Barack News) is the only channel involved in Obama's health care special? No! Is it fair ABC won't air opposing ads in the health care special? No! I have had enough of this Liberal media. We need to boycott The Health care Special and ABC. Lets also boycott CNN and the rest of the news channels except Fox.

Fox is the only fair and balanced news channel we have left. Sometimes they have just a Republican guest. Sometimes they may have just a Liberal guest. Most of the time they have both. The rest of the news channels usually just have Liberals.


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