Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I just wanted to come by and introduce myself here at Right Side Review. My name is Doug Welch and you may have seen me around as Stix. I blog at many different places. My own blog Stix Blog,
Theodore Media, Snooper Report, Modern Conservative, Heading Right, Reclaim Conservatism and a little at Red State. I am also on Twitter.

And I have been blogging for quite a while now, since around W's first campaign. And my main goal is to bring all on the Right Side together and stop fighting with each other and start fighting against the Left.

I will try and come by here and post often, but you can always check out the daily editorial cartoons at my blog every week day.

I want to thank the Right Side Review for letting me post here. This looks to be another great blog.


Right Side Review said...

Thank you for blogging with us.

Stix said...

NO problem. I will try and post often,but I am busy lately and not really posted that much. But will get back into the swing of things

Right Side Review said...

That's fine. I'm just thankful for your help.

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