Thursday, June 11, 2009

Carrie Prejean is My Miss USA

Carrie Prejean was robbed of her Miss California crown, just like she was robbed of becoming Miss USA. Miss USA should be glad that they had such a great young women in their pageant. I am really mad that they took her crown away. This is ridiculous, they didn't want to take her crown away until she started standing up for the majority of America. Let me remind you that she was Miss California, and they voted against gay marriage. I'm pretty sure she represented her state and the USA. We need to let The Miss USA Pageant how we feel, so join this Facebook group I created.


Chicago Ray said...

She got screwed but is better off, she doesn't need the hassles as the guy she was stuck under tried to dress her up to appear at a Gay Pride movie for some fake news release and other crap.

That whole scene is ugly and has been exposed for what it is, exploitation of young and beautiful girls . Perez Hilton can suck my Richard,

Right Side Review said...

Right On Brother!

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