Thursday, July 23, 2009


The Young Turks, a popular liberal youtube channel, recently released a video that says Obama has already showed the media his birth certificate. My question is: if he showed the media his birth certificate, why haven't we seen it? TYT is nothing but a bunch of liberals with socialist views. They make idiotic remarks like, "You know who we're talking about, the black guy from Kenya." This statement was his impersonation of a Conservative. He tried to make it sound like if you oppose Obama you're a racist. I'm sorry but a Conservative impersonation would go a little more like this, "I love America!

Anyway, I'm thinking about making RSR vs. TYT a common segment on my blog. TYT I encourage a rebuttal!


Anonymous said...

Don't be ignorant. Here's his birth certificate...which his campaign posted on the internet as soon as these ridiculous allegations accusing him of being a non-citizen.

Right Side Review said...

Looks pretty new to me! Maybe he should go to the hospital he was born at, and ask for proof. He hasn't proofed anything!

TheSnarkyBlogger said...

I love Liz Cheney. I wish there were more conservatives that are brave enough to speak truth about this on TV. I'm shocked there's not more outrage that we have an illegal president. You have to wonder what BHO had to hide. Someone should ask his Kenyan relatives about this...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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