Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Al Franken Has Now Confirmed He is a Loser

Today marked the third day of the Sotomayor hearing. Al Franken asked her about Perry Mason. Out of all the issues that needed to be discussed he talks about Perry Mason? I beginning to wonder if we're being Punk'd.

I hope Franken keeps acting stupid. If he keeps it up he'll lose the next election. How can someone seriously vote for this man. He wasn't elected (if he was even elected) to ask stupid questions, nor was he elected to be a comedian- a bad one at that.

He is a Liberal Goon, Therefore, he will act like Sotomayor never said anything racist. He will ignore that she is pro-choice.

I'm glad that Lindsey Graham isn't going to let her just skip her way into the Supreme Court.


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