Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Economic Recovery Plan

We could have solved our economic crisis with common sense. You can never spend your way out of a problem.

First you must make sure the majority of Americans Have Jobs. I know we can't create jobs over night, but we could get them pretty fast. We need to tariff items that are imported to America, and cut taxes on items America Exports. Also we need tax breaks for companies that have created jobs over here in America.

Also we need to cut are taxes in half. Most American's grocery bill is too high because of taxes. 9 cents adds up pretty fast. I'm sure our Liberal leaders will call for the exact opposite of what they promised, "tax cuts". We need to lower taxes for all Americans.

I can not stress how important drilling for oil in America is. We would create thousands of high paying jobs. When people have a high paying jobs they can buy a car, pay off debts, and boost the economy. Mhhm, this sounds a whole better then the bailout package ever did, and it's cheaper.

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