Monday, May 18, 2009

We Pay They Spend!

Since Obama got elected, congress has went bailout crazy. We have had bailout after bailout, wheres the American citizens bailout? If we took all the money congress has spent on these bailouts, we could divide it up between each family. The families could take that money, and buy an AMERICAN OWNED AND BUILT CAR. Hmm that would've solved the car company's crisis. Also they could have paid off their debts, that solves the banking crisis. This was really all simple, but now we're up to our neck in debt.

Barack Obama had it on a silver platter. He could have been the best president we ever had, if he didn't listen to his liberal buddies. It's too late now, he has screwed up everything. I believe he will leave office with the lowest approval rating in history, of course after he finishes wrecking the economy.


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